Edgar Bąk

Founder, Edgar Bąk Studio, Poland
Edgar Bąk

Edgar Bąk is a visual communication designer. In graphic design he avoids big authorial gestures, choosing to orient himself to tools at hand and their specificity. He focuses on the visual grammar and the brief of the project working towards the final effect as if solving a mathematical equation. Sensitive to context, Edgar Bąk eagerly and succinctly quotes the everyday. He considers himself a heir of Polish graphic design: the prewar period, the socialist Poland, and the newly marketized economy of the early 1990s.

Edgar Bąk Studio focuses primarily on visual identity design, working both on entire visual identity systems for buildings and events and on singular books and albums. Edgar Bąk has also illustrated children's books. He has won awards from Advertising Creators Club of Poland (KTR, 10 awards), Association of Applied Graphic Designers (STGU), Book of the Year, the Chimera, and the Society of Publishing Designers in New York.

He conducted workshops in Japan, Israel and Ukraine. He teaches publishing design at the School of Form in Poznań. He co-edited "Projekt: The Polish Journal of Visual Art and Design" with Charlotte West for Unit Editions.