Javier Martin

Head of Program of Interior Design, Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Javier Martin

Since 2016  he is a Professor in Construction and Design Berlin International University of Applied Sciences. He was an Assistant Professor in Theory of Architecture in the  Catholic University of Chile from 2015 to 2016. Since 2015 till 2016 he was a Thesis Advisor into the University of Chile, He was an Assistant Professor in Design    University of Desarrollo. He was a Teaching Assistant in Building Technology into the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Since 2014 he was a Guest Critic in the Wentworth IT (Berlin) Boston, US; IED Architecture, Segovia, Spain; European University of Valencia, Spain; Adolfo Ibañez University,     Santiago, Chile; Harvard GSD, Cambridge MA, USA.

Among his exhibitions: YAP Constructo 2015, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA, Platform 6 Exhibition, Drucker Hall, Cambridge MA, USA, Design on a Different Scale, 40 Kirkland Gallery, Cambridge MA, USA, Harvard GSD Open House Exhibition, Gund Hall Pit, Cambridge MA, USA, Verni.prens Competition    UPV Vice-chancellorship of Culture, Valencia, Spain, The Water Returns Home, Sporting Club Russafa, Valencia, Spain, ETSAV Selected Work 2004-05 Academic Year, ETSAV Exhibition Hall, Valencia, Spain, Taller 3 Studio’s Selected Work, Taller 3 Studio Room, ETSAV, Valencia, Spain.