Deepali Saini

Director of Design & Co-Founder, Think Design Collaborative, India
Deepali Saini
Deepali is the Co-Founder and Director of Design at Think Design, a Design educator and a Design Visionary and Speaker. She holds a master’s degree in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design, India; is a French Design scholarship alumna of ENSCI, France and a Gold Medalist in Architecture. 
In her career spanning 15+ years, Deepali has had the opportunity of working with organizations of various sizes and with people from varied cultural and geographic background. Her acquaintance with people who influence and create Design in various contexts makes her one of the brightest and most sought-after Design personas in India. She utilizes this unique strength to develop leadership at Think Design as well as partner with principal stakeholders and decision makers among Think Design’s clients to facilitate future roadmaps, design strategies as well as tangible design outcomes. 
She envisions developing Think Design into a global innovation practice with leadership and presence across the world. When she is not working, Deepali enjoys leisure travel, food, music and yoga. 
About Think Design
Think Design is a multiple award-winning design consultancy with practices spanning User Experience Design, Service Design and Research led Innovation; and collaborates with visionary organizations to identify, build and materialize innovative products and services. With its 5 global studios spread across 2 continents, Think Design works with some of the world’s most renown organizations and brands, impacting millions of users through its outcomes.  
Some of the recent awards won by Think Design: 
• India’s Best Design Studio: 2018, 2017 and 2016
• Good Design Award: 2018 and 2017
• iF Design Award 2018 
Some of Think Design’s clients:
GE, Honeywell, Medtronics, Worldpay, Airtel, State Bank of India, Hindustan Times, GSMA, AT&T among others.