Benoit Berthe Siward

Animation Film Maker, UK
Benoit Berthe Siward

Young emerging figure in the animation scene, Benoit Berthe is an animation film maker and curator working in Europe and America.

He founded his company promoting animation in the world at the age of 27 years old. Very engaged in the Animation industry, he helped to create the first European Animation Awards Academy - Annie Awards equivalent, also known as "Emile Awards" - and hold the role of the International Public Relation Manager of the Academy.

He runs "The animation Showcase" with the help of Soho House screenings in London, Berlin, Paris and US and Canada presenting the best animated shorts to the creative industry and in the biggest animation studios around the globe such as Pixar, Cartoon Networks, Nexus, Psyop, Blur, Google.

Graduated in 2013 with a Master of Digital Direction in Supinfocom his own experience as a director of animated short films led him to distribute his own films in festival. With 250 selections, his student films have been screened all over the world, multi-awarded, bought and screened in French theaters for one year before long features. He has run 3 crowdfunding campaigns for animated short films, and raised more than 250 000 $ for animated projects.

This experience helped him to understand the festival network and the importance of showcasing animation films to a wide audience. He has been involved in the diffusion of 4 shorts as a publicist, two of the shorts have been qualified to the Academy Award race in 2017 and 2018.

Working as CG Supervisor in London, Benoit also works on a side as a curator and editor for a talent scout magazine and is advising the Vimeo Staff Pick curating team for 7 years and and advises more than 50 different companies and projects holders in the animation industry.