Sheng-Hung Lee

Designer, Engineer and Educator, Sheng-Hung Lee Design, Taiwan
Sheng-Hung Lee
Sheng-Hung Lee is a designer, maker and educator. He is inspired by multiple domains of knowledge, different perspectives, and he thrives on creating new value for clients in multidisciplinary teams. He is trained as an industrial designer and electrical engineer, and his approach to problem solving is influenced by his passion for how design and technology impact on and can be integrated into society. He has collaborated with IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) to inform their strategy, service and user experience for the Asia market, this work was recently been published in the book . Sheng-Hung has been focusing on organization design that creates systemic impact.  
He was invited to be a jury for multiple international design competition including IDEA, Spark Design Award, IDA Award and A’ Design Award and Competition. He also worked as a researcher at the National Science Council in Taiwan and is a member of respected institutions such as Taiwan Society of Technology and Sociology, Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society, and China Technical Consultants Inc.  
Sheng-Hung graduated with a double Bachelor’s degree (Hon.) in Industrial Design and Electrical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan. His work has won prestigious awards including IDEA Gold, Braun Prize, Core77 Design Award, Red Dot (Best of the Best), Spark Design Award, European Product Design Award (Gold) and iF Award. 
In his spare time, Sheng-Hung teaches product design at Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and Detao Masters Academy. He is also an avid learner and a keen student in computer science, taking regular online courses and writing APPs for daily activities such as ordering food and appreciating visual arts.