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A-14 Student Design

Identity of medical Department
A-14-39    Костанда Марина

Information about a customer: Department of surgical diseases, operative surgery and topographic anatomy was founded on the 1st of February 2012, as a basic educational institution of surgery for foreign students. The Department consists of 4 professors, 4 MDs, 10 associate professors, 10 Ph.Ds, 6 assistants, laboratory assistants. Information about the project. Project contents: The logo of Department , icons major specializations of Department, business documents. Main concept: Department of Medicine is living matter. The identification of educational institutions with a complex systematic human body. This idea is the basis for the design project of the main concept. It is reflected in the process of sketching and designing the main elements of the branding of medical departments, especially in the design of the sign and logo of educational institutions. Logo is based in the connectedness of the three stylized elements of the human body inscribed (cell, tissue, organ) in a circle. The color scale corresponds to the spectrum of red and blue colors, it is identified with the classic image of these elements in the medical atlases, encyclopedias, diagrams. The font logo is built of a simple geometric grotesque fonts that worked together and created a single complete image. The icons of major specializations are superimposed and combined several flat images: body identified with the direction of the discipline; tissue; circulatory organ system.