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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-62    hooga.creative

Лавгав (Lovegav) is a dog care brand by social initiative «Наш Київ» (Our Kyiv). Started as an movement to motivate people to clean up after their pets, it has grown to lineup of clean-up, care, fun and other useful products like poop bags in kits, keychain dispensers, microfibre cloth for wet paws, instruments for mite removal, keychain flashlights for late activities and other goodies. As a key to visual language we chose simplified cycle of a pet’s life and values — they play and eat (and of course poop) to make cleaning after your dog a usual thing. Okay, we will say it plain — dog shit is a natural thing and there is nothing special about it — just clean it up and here are the tools for it! We designed packaging and developed a motive for storytelling within logo and pattern — a ball, a poop and a doggy, energetic, tense and simple.