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A-12 Calendars

Greenville Calendar
A-12-2    Serviceplan Ukraine

When creating our advertising materials, we try not only to find interesting ideas but also to consider the specific features of our clients’ work. That is why we have developed and realized a creative calendar designed as a house for Greenville, Ukrainian real-estate developer that uses natural materials in its buildings. This calendar reflects the activity of the company as well as principles of ecological building the company abides by. The calendar is made of plywood and shaped as a several-storeyed house. Its front side has window apertures with dates in them. Every month is a single sheet of paper, which can be taken out through a slit on the side. The calendar is also a plant pot. In our opinion, this is a good solution for broadening its functionality and symbolizes one of residential complexes that Greenville has built. The calendar is a harmonious adornment of interior and does not take up much space. Serviceplan Ukraine: Creative Director — Ihor Klymenko Executive Creative Director — Vasyl Tanasiychuk Designer — Lilya Krivorotenko Account Manager — Ekaterina Yakimenko, Olexandra Dmitrieva