Chris Trivizas

Creative Director, Chris Trivizas studio, Греція
Chris Trivizas

Chris Trivizas was born in Corfu, Greece. Following his studies in Programming & System Analysis, 3D Animation & Graphic Design, he acquired a Master of Arts degree from Middlesex University in 2001. He founded the creative office 'Chris Trivizas' which has now over 15 years of experience in design work, offering design solutions for brands for a wide range of customers in the fields of Education, Culture, Hospitality, Beauty & Care, Fashion, Beverages, Food and Retail.

Chris Trivizas has been repeatedly distinguished in several National, European and International design competitions, such as EBGE Awards, Ermis Awards, ED-Awards, Eulda Awards, The dieline Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, A' Design Awards, German Design Awards, Hiiibrand Awards, Brand New Awards, Best Brand Awards, WOLDA Awards & American Design Awards.

In 2018, he took part in the exhibition ‘Good Design Greece Exhibition 2018’, in the Museum of Modern Art, in Athens. He has also participated in the 1st International Biennale of Arts in the field of Graphic Design, in Santorini, in 2012, in the 1st ‘Balkan Locus-Focus Symposium’ of the Izmir University of Economics, in Turkey, in 2012 and in the 1st International Logo Biennale, in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia in 2008.

Chris Trivizas has been presented with tributes, interviews, and presentations of his work in the magazines +design, Adobe Magazine, gr design, Eye Magazine, IdN™ Magazine, Novum (World of Graphic Design) & Slanted Magazine.