Переможці 2017

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A-4 Packaging design

Panic Pizza
A-4-28    ISD Group

Nearly every pizza place is trying to be Italian or to look Italian. That’s why we have hundreds of almost identical restaurants and deliveries in Ukraine. Panic Pizza is a pizza without stereotypes about the pizza. Recipes on the menu are either a fresh touch to classics or complete celebration of creativity. It’s not Italian, it’s original. Made in Mykolaiv city, it doesn’t want to be anything else, but itself. Bright, provocative and non-standard. Panic Pizza identity is based on the themes from 60s and 70s trashy American horror movies and bizarre comics’ styles. Toxic screaming colors were chosen to break people out from everyday routine. As you always need new reasons to panic, we decided to use dynamic identity approach for the logo. Monsters are always changing, making you panic every time you order a pizza. Background pattern secures the recognizable style and extends the identity to wide variety of different materials. The idea was to make the brand easily recognizable and highly instagramable in order to achieve wide organic social coverage. In this perspective the toughest part was not even the design but the production process itself. The most challenging item turned out to be a pizza box. We had to print 4 colors with extreme precision, as we have such delicate elements as yellow eyes and teeth. After dozens of “no” we finally found the only manufacturer in Ukraine that was up to the job.