Переможці 2017

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A-6 Books design and illustration

A-6-6    hooga creative

Yevgeh Nikiforov, a photographer from Kyiv, was traveling all over Ukraine for 3 years to collect the most important pieces of 1950s–1980s Soviet modernism. A book is so intense with visual information and different styles used in mosaics, as well as a variety of applications (from small wall decorations to giant industrial complex ensembles), we decided to with as less design as possible. Mostly the book doesn’t have any specific features but has a general feeling of the subject and its interpretation by modern generation — neo-modernist sans, grid based on type proportions and small details only between chapters (like to different shades within spread — a 10% gray and white, visually hardly recognizable). However, the cover was another story. We wanted to say so much with it and went with a fold-out A1 sized poster to show the massive scale of Soviet modernist architecture. We also took care of small detail like accents over «i» in the headline and played a little game with them to show off. Book was recognized as a best art book of the year on Kyiv International Book Fair and received 2 awards — «Best art book» and «Grand-Prix» for it’s design.