Переможці 2018

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A-13 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

War Book
A-13-1    Бурлака Світлана

"War" - an illustrated book about the most terrible armed conflicts of the 20-21th Centuries. People always tend to deny grim facts and expunge frightening images from their memories. That is why we loathe looking at cruel pictures narrowly, as these leave strong negative impressions which discourage us from getting to the bottom of the problem. This book is created to tell readers about the horror of war in the texts which are featured beautiful, imaginative illustrations. Since such ‘mood’ of pictures mitigates the perception of rough, violent historical events and help readers remember and analyze the facts. As a source of inspiration, I chose the stylistic devices of Dadaism. That trend emerged after the First World War as a sign of denial and resistance to violence. The book contains collages of military photographs and recognizable symbols: for example, a red poppy, a crow, a gas mask, as well as symbols of totalitarian regimes. To illustrate the horrors of the war, I examined the researches, historical facts, photographs, and eyewitness accounts, which allowed to create the most complete "portrait" of conflicts, comprehend and depict these using graphics tools.