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A-4 Packaging design

Planet Bomvers
A-4-14    Canape Agency

Planet Bomvers is a proprietary trademark of Rost supermarket, which is located in Kharkov. Today the assortment of products consists of different types of ice cream and nut pasta. The target audience for the brand are children. Our task was to develop a visual identity and packaging of the brand. The legend of the brand tells about the distant planet Bomvers, populated by Boms and Verses. Boms are organic creatures that live in cities with biomorphic architecture. Their bodies and houses don`t have corners, the shapes are smooth and streamlined. Boms grow plants that produce oxygen. It is necessary for Boms for life. Verses are robots that live in high-tech cities. Verses work in solar energy production plants, which is necessary for their existence. Verses have rectangular features and sharp corners, which indicates their manufacturability. We developed a color system and painted twenty characters - ten Boms and ten Verses. An obligatory condition for the client was a photographic image of the product on the packaging, so we decided to depict the product in the form of a planet (on ice cream) or a part of it (on a chocolate paste). Around the product, we painted the city of Boms and Verses next to the colored characters. The logo of the brand is minimalistic and contains some of the corporate graphics. A round houses and plants tell the viewer about the life of the Boms, while the station with the antenna talks about the technological world of the Verses. White packaging, painted characters and integration of the product's photo into the illustration made it possible to make the brand visually interesting for children and to distinguish it among competitors.