Переможці 2018

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Craft beer and vinyl music festival
A-1-34   Lesia Loik

The Festival of Craft Beer and Vinyl Music has grown into one of Lviv’s traditions and must-go events. The Festival became a new venue for learning about brewery in Ukraine. Pub owners, private-business brewers, startup and well known breweries, as well as producers of brewery industry present their products at the festival. The special attraction of the festival are unique sites for fans and collectors of vinyl disks and beer accessories. A plethora of visual effects creates a special atmosphere at the festival. The logo of the festival entails a beer bottle and a vinyl disk representing the key idea of the festival. A balloon in form of a hop cone with a basket made of beer bottles is flying over the festive city and creates inebriating atmosphere. At the festival they utilize special currency that one can use to exchange for a mug of beer. Various guides, brochures, booklets, and maps help the participants navigate the festival. Street food, beer, and concerts of various music bands will create an unforgettable impression on the participants.