Переможці 2020

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A-21 Student Design

Series of social posters «Children deserve better»
A-21-61    Ржепишевська Дар'я (Rzhepyshevs'ka Darja)

Problem A series of posters that draw attention to the global social problem of humanity. The problem of domestic violence against children. From birth, a child has the right to protect their freedoms and ensure their safety. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this institution to be violated. The most horrifying thing is when mom and dad are the abusers. A child subjected to domestic violence is either very scared to talk about his or her problems at home or thinks it is normal. Concept Children's drawings were taken as the graphic basis. Based on the compositional and plastic solutions of children's real creative work created a posters, that illustrate the theme of domestic violence against children in various aspects: physical, sexual, psychological abuse, harm, neglect.