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B-5 Concept design (for non-realized projects)

BMW Instrument Cluster Design
B-5-7   Денис Невожай

Nowadays nearly every car manufacturer implements Digital Instrument Clusters (DIC) to their top of the line models by variety of reasons such as ability to customise layout and design, change view depending on context, add new functionality during car life cycle. DIC opens new opportunities for car manufacturers and customers, but at the same time great challenges for designers. It's vital to find a right balance between number of features and simplicity, innovation and tradition, appealing design and good readability under any conditions. BMW is a company with a rich history and design inheritance is very important for the numerous army of brand lovers, which makes this project even more interesting. In this project I pursued following requirements: - move often used information from infotainment display to instrument cluster to reduce driver's distraction - modern, but usable unlike most of modern concept car instrument clusters - all instrument cluster functions are controlled from steering wheel - appealing design - keep traditional BMW aesthetic.