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Shadows of forgotten ancestors. Book
A-6-6    Хір Андрій

"Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. Book" is special edition to the project “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.Exhibition” where the world of cult film Paradjanov is studied and analyzed from different perspectives. The exhibition was held in Kiev in spring 2016 in Mystetskiy Arsenal and dedicated to the eponymous film of S.Paradzhanov. Basis of the design concept is rethinking symbols of the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", their simplification and adaptation to linear graphic style. In addition, graphic design appeals to rich spiritual and mystical world of indigenous inhabitants of the Carpathians and therefore, has a high level of conditionality and the simplification of graphics. For this edition such items were elaborated: book cover, flyleaf, foretitle, font, icons that identify chapters and patterns that outline topics.