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A-4 Packaging design

Odd Brew
A-4-12    Сreative agency "4Press"

Odd Brew - is a unique craft beer. The recipes for it are collected from different parts of the world, and it means that one brand unites several cultures, histories and flavors. Accordingly, the logo has turned international and unusual, combining particles of everything and get its own integrity. TASK: development of a system of visual communication based on the positioning and unique benefits of the product. Convey positioning with visual communication. SOLUTION: used beer recipes collected from all over the world. There are the beauty of the landscapes of New Zealand, strict leather overalls of German brewers, shy smiles of the Belgian monks, funny jokes of American tractor of the hop growers, tenderness and peace-loving Australian koalas, Czech sausages and French kissing… Such a strange choice, thats why the logo is so international and unusual, united combining particles of everything and get its own integrity. AGENCY WORK: brand development. The establishment of a system of visual communications: typography, key visual identifiers, color scheme, patterns of use and construction, organization of the guideline.