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A-11 Typestyle, typography

Patience Sans
A-11-2    Хруневич Дмитро та Даніїл Лях

Speech Disfluency, otherwise known as stuttering or stammering, effects 1 in 100 people, taking the form of a tense struggle when speaking. It involves repeating or prolonging sounds or words, or getting stuck without any sound being spoken. The biggest problem however, isn’t the disorder itself, but how other people treat those with it. Often people interrupt, finish the sentences of, or speak for those with Speech Disfluency. This takes away their voice, destroying their confidence and taking away their point of view. We created a unique font, calling it Patience Sans. To represent the distorted speech of those with Speech Disfluency, the characters were manipulated in a way that would make them difficult to read.