Победители 2016

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-47    Андрей Бармалей

Graphic identity of contemporary art festival Feldman Art Park is a Contemporary Art Festival that aims to support the work of young authors; its first wave took place in autumn 2015 in Kharkiv, on the territory of Feldman Ecopark. A competition for Ukrainian painters and sculptors was held as a part of the project. Authors aged less than 35 from all over Ukraine who are active in one of three areas (painting, drawing or sculpture) were invited to take part in the art competition. As a result of the contest, 100 young painters and sculptors presented their work to the public during the Feldman Art Park festival on the territory of the Feldman Ecopark. A winner who obtained a grant for European art residence was chosen by an international expert committee within each of the fields. Art therapy sessions that aimed to restore the emotional and mental state of people with hearing and vision challenges were held as a part of the special program of the festival. Feldman Art Park is the first Ukrainian festival representing contemporary Western format Edutainment - education with fun. Each field of the Feldman Art Park festival was accompanied by an educational program. A series of workshops and lectures on contemporary art and related fields (design, architecture, photography) given by the best Ukrainian and international experts was included in the program. The event was initiated by the Oleksandr Feldman’s International Charitable Fund.