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A-5 Editorial/Magazine/Corporate Publishing/Catalogues

A-5-3    Чегринець Поліна

The concept of zine is dedicated to works of Kazimir Malevich. This research of the heritage of the master, which once changed the future of art and design. In addition, creating a simple form, like a pixel is assigned to Kazimir Malevich behind the scene. You can either adore this artist or not understand. And the aim of the research is to help to understand the essence of his art. On the main page there is the word "supremus" encoded in binary code. At the bottom there are highlighted numbers 010 — the name of the first Casimir’s exhibition. The next two pages show the time and realities in which he lived, contrasted with what Malevich did. Then you can see the extracts of his words from the article and magazines with comments. Illustrations in zine, which help to rethink the artist's works, are performed in new digital techniques. And what if Malevich lived in our time and used the tools that are available to us now? An attempt to answer this question at least in a small fraction is reflected in this project. Malevich would be proud of me.