Победители 2017

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B-5 Other interactive digital design

Info-screens inside metro trains
B-5-2    Агенти Змін

We have designed and released the new content for the info-screens located inside metro trains. The screens used to be filled with ads and other information unrelated to the metro ride while only ¼ of the screen area was allocated for the useful information. Our main goal was to design clear graphics for the current and next station announcements. We just removed everything that had nothing to do with that content and kept the main information. We have added a list of the upcoming stations with travel time to them, indicators of transfer availabilities for other rail transport, train and bus stations. We have redesigned the screens in such a way that useful information covers the entire screen, not just a small part of it. We designed the stills, recorded them on a disk, took it to the metro train depot, uploaded the images, fixed the colors and made the animations. Now the new content is available in the trains on all of Kyiv’s three metro lines.