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A-6 Books design and illustration

The First Line
A-6-5    LLIWELL studio of creation

“The First Line” – a book that helps to make first steps in writing. It was essential to create a visual image of a book that would inspire to write. The book should not have been official or tedious. It is aimed to answer the questions of the beginner, overcome fears and allow experimenting. The text of the book is filled with tools, examples, links, sources, lists, and exercises. All these information has had to be represented in a form that would not interfere the perception process. The book has special pauses in the form of half-titles placed over a full page, it gives the opportunity to relax and rethink the information received. A clear hierarchy of text blocks allowed us to place correctly the accents in the meanings and priorities. Easy navigation of each chapter allows the reader to return to the required topic or task if necessary. Illustrations play another important role. We decided to create images that can excite the imagination of the writer. These images are not meant to be specific. They strengthen the meaning of the text and serve as an additional tool of the book. It’s abstract and metaphorical essence allows every reader to see his own story or plot. Also, in order to get the reader out of the routine and habitual way of thinking, we made the whole book in one, unusual color. To reach a sense of infinity and creativity depth we chose Persian blue color. It associates with the sky, water and symbolizes depth, knowledge, and infinity. The book has become an indispensable guide to the writer's creativity. Text, design, and illustrations apart perform their own functions, but in this book, they have become one powerful tool. Text - gives meaning, layout and design - makes it easier to perceive. Illustrations works on a par with the text — create their own context, supplementing the book with a new function. “The First Line” is created for inspiration.