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A-14 Student Design

The Myth of Pangu
A-14-3    Lera Shadova

This is a short comics, based on ancient Chinese myth about giant Pangu. It says, that at the beginning of time, there was only chaos, inside of which a giant named Pangu was born. For many thousands of years he slept inside the chaos, and when he woke up, he saw nothing but darkness. The giant was cramped in this darkness, which he chopped with a magic axe. Chaos split into light energy, which rushed upward, and dark energy, which rushed down. Fearing, that the two parts can again merge into one, Pan Gu became a living barrier, separating the earth and the sky. And again the giant spent thousands of years separating the two parts of the chaos until the earth and the sky had grown so far, that they could no longer connect. Then Pangu, feeling tired, lay down on the ground and died. The body of the dead giant, decomposing, made it possible to appear all life on earth. Rivers flowed from his eyes, his hair turned into plants, and the parasites, that lived in his body, became people and populated the earth.