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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Brand Identity for StreetFoodSoGood festival in Lviv, Ukraine
A-1-32    Стрипа Юліана

StreetFoodSoGood is a street food festival in Lviv, Ukraine, which evolved into a platform aimed at developing local entrepreneurship. It enables both, local catering companies, new as well as existing, and Ukrainian clothing and accessories brands to present their products to a wider audience. StreetFoodSoGood has a clear mission to develop a new festival culture in Lviv in order to boost positive social changes and to build a strong trust and a loyalty between Ukrainian producers and their customers. After a long search for stylistics, it became clear that the common denominator for any food is a sauce. This resulted in the design idea for the first spring festival which was "mustard and ketchup". The approach we used in creating design was based on the idea that all necessary elements are manually prepared and then combined into the final picture. Therefore, the objects were first photographed and only then processed utilizing Adobe Photoshop and further mixed with fonts and other elements.