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C-5 TV Program – Visual Identity

Golovna Tema (Main Topic)
C-5-7    Enkore Agency

Task "Ukraina" television channel was about to launch new sociopolitical program “Golovna Tema” (Main Topic) in 2017. Based on the logo developed by the channel we had to create opening sequence, promo video, video design for breaks, studio screens and all of the graphic assets to be used in production of the show. Solution There always different points of view to the same topic but only at one certain angle you can see holistic picture. In order to portray this metaphor we have braken apart the logo of the show, built pieces of it on set and shot a video with a program presenter. Result The program “Golovna Tema” continues to be aired successfully every Sunday. It is worth noting that "Ukraina" is the highest rated TV channel in our country and leads among three audiences of MB research of the top channels of the year, according to the results of 2017.