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C-1 TV Channel – Visual Identity

New Year's promo campaign
C-1-3    Телеканал 1+1

Did you know that, according to Chinese horoscope, 2018 is the year of the Dog? We at 1plus1.tv know that, so we made a golden retriever named «Plus» the main character and the symbol of our New Year campaign. He’s such a cutie. We’ve also made a series of IDs about New Year preparation, which is essential to people in Ukraine. Every ID featured a TV presenter, or a celebrity, and, naturally, our lovely dog. As New Year approached, each day, as if turning a calendar, we changed our little story, reminded of now many days were left till the New Year, and of things needed to be done: «Have you decorated your tree? 10 days left until the New Year!», «Have you decided on the gown? Only 7 days left until the New Year!», «Come on, you haven’t packed your presents yet? Only 4 days till the New Year!». Thus, together with our viewer, we cooked, bought new shoes and enjoyed anticipating the festivities. So that when the last 30 days of year 2017 pass, we could all raise our glasses and say «Happy New Year! You are not alone!»