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Hello! We are a full cycle branding agency iden.team. We specialize in creating identity and complete branding development for businesses. Some believe that Iden is our founder’s name, and we are his team. We certainly do not mind it, but in fact her name is Mary:) and the agency was named after us - the TEAM that creates IDENtity. An idea, naming, strategy... before these concepts have ever been developed for any business, its founder drew out a blank sheet of paper, turned over a new page in a notebook or created a new document on a laptop. This is how any idea, business or brand ever started. And since your brand starts with us - we thought about:blank sheet as a part of our corporate style but the browser took it first:) - and we added a bit of shades - enough for you to identify us. As darkness highlights the importance of light, the colors help to shape the face of the brand. We skillfully wield the shadows, but remain untouched, white. And now concerning the white, warm and fuzzy ones;) In our advertising campaign we will prove that animals without specific color patterns are hard to recognise, and same goes for brands without proper identification. iden.team - color your brand.