Победители 2020

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A-16 Typography

No Drama Charity Day
A-16-3    Gram Branding

No Drama Charity Day is an annual charity fair held by the Educational center for human rights in Lviv (ECHR).  There is no charity culture in Ukraine, there is only the culture of sacrifice.  We are taught to donate a certain sum of money when we are shown people’s sufferings.  «No drama charity» approach is new and unfamiliar to Lviv and its citizens therefore the identity was aimed to be daring and revolutionary to a certain extent.  The identity concept «Usual things» Developing the identity concept we were inspired to create something special, not an ordinary second-hand fair but a decent garage sale no worse than the famous Berlin flea markets, a place where you may find the usual stuff with an unusual story. The identity No Drama Charity day embodies the spirit of the event and gives a different perspective of the charity phenomena. It encourages us to unite and celebrate for the sake of a worthwhile idea instead of making drama.