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C-1 TV Channel – Visual Identity

ICTV Portal
C-1-2    StarLightMedia Design Bureau

ICTV is not simply a TV network, but rather a destroyer of boredom and an outrage of calm. This is the space, when all key events take place and conflicts are going to explode. This is a portal which leads TV viewers into the world of cool heroes, unreal action and humor. We used the trick of transferring our viewer into the ICTV world by using this portal in the shape of star. We use idea of virtual reality, the same like in popular shooting games, when you play some hero. This way we make the full-involvement effect of our viewer into the content, making him a hero in the reality of our TV-series. TV-series promotion decision 2 or 3 general spots “Teleport ICTV”. In each spot our viewer is transferred into ICTV world, becoming a hero of on of TV-series scene. Timing is 1’-40’’ and short versions for each TV-series: 20’’-25’’. Winter and spring campaigns are the part of one same virtual travel of viewer in the ICTV world. Credits: Direction: Yevhen Tsyren, Oleksandr Tarasenko DOP: Andriy Binkovskiy, Dmytro Klymchuk Gaffers: Oleksandr Malynka, Oleksii Alokhin Sound: Оleksandr Herasymenko Playback: Yevhen Pashchynskyi Actors: Mykhailo Burlakov, Yevhen Tsyren, Roman Poliakov Style: Nataliia Lukina Head of Promo: Аnna LapIna Art Direction: Dmytro Maiatskyi, Serhiy Chernykh Supervising, 3D-modeling, Simulation, Compositing: Dmytro Maiatskyi 3D-modeling, Texturing, 2D-animation, Compositing: Dmytro Pokrason, Yaroslava Lutsenko 3D-modeling, Texturing, 3D-animation: Oleksij Bushev, Petro Kuzmenko, Artem Lebedev Head of TV Brands: Oleksandr Antonov Line Producer: Liudmyla Zarochyntseva Producer Design Bureau: Natalia Bovshyk Head of Design Bureau: Oleksii Riepik Head of Department: Leonid Veselkov Head of Marketing: Olena Martynova