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A-10 Books Design and Illustrations

Book Cover Petro Yatsenko ‘Magnetyzm’ (‘Magnetism’)
A-10-5   Гайдучик Назар

This Book was published in The Old Lion Publishing House (Видавництво Старого Лева, 2020 року). A book cover for a novel of the Ukrainian author Petro Yatsenko ‘Magnetyzm’ (‘Magnetism’). It's a magical story about the marvelous relationships between people and cities. They are attracted and repelled. They can easily destroy each other, or give each other life... A main object is a bomb-egg, which symbolises a destruction, a power and a fire inside, and at the same time, a fragility and a vulnerability. Also the bomb and the egg separately are the key objects of the novel. An accent is an orange crack, which illustrates a moment before an action (explosion, or opposite – attenuation). It creates intrigue. For this cover I used PANTONES: 10367 U (metallic), Black U, Orange 021 U; PAPER: Natural Evolution white Black HEADBAND and Orange BOUND BOOKMARK. FONT: Decima Mono Cyrillic