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Meister. Future Created by Your Own Hands
A-3-22    TS/D Agency

The Brief 2019. There is a war in Eastern regions of Ukraine. Most of industry is stopped, releasing the army of unemployed. Meister project is created by German government to give people an opportunity for the second professional education. Future created by your own hands — this is the core communication message for the project. It’s all about help and opportunities for unemployed people, but also about motivation to take own responsibility and build their life by themselves. The Idea So, we decided to show this synergy of opportunities and self-made future with an arrow, which navigates people throughout their career path. Letter “T” in the logo takes this function and directs you right and up — straight where the future is. The identity and materials are aimed to support this idea of navigator in your DIY career future. Simple & Clever The task was to stand out from standard employment resources. The logo and Identity should be modern and memorable in order to reflect the Brand Essence statements about Future, Motivation and Opportunity to build knowledge and skills. The visual language should look clever but not overcomplicated to easily find a response in the target audience. Colors We decided to stick to the simple gamut. As simple as to reproduce on ordinary office printer. Our target audience is fed up by bright fake promises. They need something real and constructive. The main accept color is Yellow. It attracts attention and communicates about optimism and motivation. Additional craft and natural colors work in contrast and support the idea of self-made career.