Переможці 2013

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A-10 Інфорграфіка

Wayfinding system for “Chasopys”
А-10-2   Ігор Скляревський

“Chasopys” (Ukrainian for “Magazine”) is one of the most popular and comfortable places in Kyiv (Ukraine) to socialize, have meetings, work, hold events and give presentations. The visitors don’t pay for food or drinks, but for the time they spend. The space is divided into thematic zones, each is intended for different activities — from watching a movie with a small group of friends or having a conference to working alone over a cup of coffee in a quiet setting. There are 7 halls in total, spread over two levels. It’s not easy to find your way around all of this, so new visitors are greeted at the entrance by hosts who provide them with a map of the building and take them on a small tour. Besides the map, a clear and simple signage system was developed that speaks to the user in simple language rather than in code or symbols. For example, the sign on the Office reads, “Here you can scan and copy documents and use a projector, flip-chart and fast Internet for video-conferences.” Some of the signs are made of material on which users can write with chalk, so hosts and visitors of “Chasopys” can supplement the navigation with up-to-date information on what will take place in the building and when.