Переможці 2013

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A-12 Дизайн концепт (для нереалізованих проектів)

PCH cookie
А-12-18   Daria Skrybchenko

This packaging concept is devoted to the characters of Linor Goralik`s comics about Pts hare and his imaginated friends Sch, F, hot-water bottle and pork chop with green peas. Discover more about Linor Goralik and Pts: http://www.snob.ru/profile/5512 http://sisblind-en.livejournal.com/932.html - in English There are five types of package each for one of tastes: poppyseed, ginger, sesame, coconut flakes, cinnamon. Special credits to Linor Goralik for her comics, Maria Plotnikova for art direction and Tonya Nikishyna for the idea