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Sons of Christiania
A-1-16   Reynolds and Reyner

Sons of Christiania is a Scandinavian brand of true men’s wear In the 16-18 centuries Christiania stood for Oslo, the present-day capital of Norway. Due to different reasons many Christiania residents left their motherland for America and therefore such immigrants were called Sons of Christiania. Elna Heffermehl, SOC founder’s great grandmother, was among the first people who stepped on the US ground where she earned for a living making and selling handmade hats. Almost 100 years later her great grandson Jens Ingebretsen discovered his talent to design clothes. After he had moved to Brooklyn, Jens followed in his great grandmother’s footsteps and started Sons of Christiania (SOC) clothes brand. The brand style required to show all the adventurous life story of the very family and develop the idea of a brutal masculine brand for real modern men. The authentic logo showing an immigrant has undergone numerous changes that made the man look more intelligent. The full brand name had to be cut to three initial letters “SOC” to get rid of unnecessary church-connected associations. Furthermore the brand’s packaging has become its major feature. It was offered to pack the clothes and jeans in particular into glass jars instructed to be broken to get a desirable pair of jeans. Is it dangerous? Be sure it is! But the prey is worth it being a fit to a true man and SOC brand he chooses. Website: sonsofchristiania.com