Переможці 2017

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Sushi Papa
A-1-53    Поливанов Михайло

The goal: To create the brand identity for the Japanese food (sushi and rolls). The main idea was to avoid triggering associations with traditional Japanese images and target the active audience at the age of 24-30 years. The price segment is above the average. The solution: The company's style was inspired by the genuine and catchy name of the brand itself. "Sushi Papa" character was transformed into the god of the sea and the lord of the fish — Poseidon. Inseparable companions of the Poseidon sea waves and the trident are used as additional graphic elements that complement the whole picture. The chosen color set contributes to better style identification. The contrast of salmon orange and sea blue colors is attractive and eye-catching. As a result combination of associative colors and featured elements created sustainable company's image. Of particular note is the solution to use the unit package for every delivery box. What it gives is the premium quality feel. Every order is prepared and carefully packaged into the unit made of the solid carton with a bright stamp. It is a matter of care about the product and the client, personalized approach and possibility to prolong thrill of anticipation.