Переможці 2017

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B-5 Other interactive digital design

EARTH7. The space rover destined for Earth
B-5-1    ISD Group

For decades, humanity has sent out rovers to explore the planets we couldn’t. But for most people, the real undiscovered planet is our own. To encourage people to explore the best planet we know we created EARTH7 – a space rover destined for Earth. Combining cutting-edge technology with simple gesture control, users could maneuver the unique rover and explore the remote secret location thousands of miles away where the rover was situated. Seated in front of a huge screen transmitting a live stream from EARTH7’s location, participants were able to remote control the 75kg aluminum machine with just a flick of the wrist. The connection was made using custom built 5,000KM high-speed data channel and kinetic EMG armband. Each participant driving the rover had the opportunity to win return tickets to any S7 destination worldwide.