Переможці 2017

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A-9 Promotional, DM and POS products design

Cover design for “You’ve got to move" single by BSB
A-9-3    Ткаченко Ольга

Brunettes Shoot Blondes (BSB) - is a Ukrainian indie rock band with a progressive, experimental sound. A funky, electropop style track was recorded in January 2017, and needed a cover for online- and offline-promotions, music platforms, channels and social networks. In the spirit of the song, the illustration for the cover was designed to be stylish, bright and a bit like clockwork, drawing in the interest of the listener. The melody of the track is dancy and funky, the lyrics are witty, and the title of the song self explanatory. The visual part, likewise, needed to communicate the same cheerfulness and liveliness. A combination of several elements that symbolize movement were brightly colored, distorted and combined into a dynamic composition with geometric shapes and typography.