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Morshyn Сity logo
A-2-9    Михайлів Владислав

Morshyn is a resort town that has rich heritage of its natural healing resources: unique healthful water, infused with Carpathian pines crystal-clear air and ancient fantasy woods that surround the town. They conduced Morshyn became a real health-related Mecca for Ukraine and foreign countries. It was important to highlight and emphasize unique healing qualities for town branding and graphical symbol formation. That’s why there are three main Morshyn natural healing resources that form the logo: forested mountains, clear Carpathian air and mineral water springs that have no analogues in the world. Unique Morshyn mineral water springs have extraordinary healing qualities that made the resort the absolute visiting card of the town. That’s why the main emphasis in the graphical part of the logo is made on the water symbol. We can see it in wave and drop construction. The font model in initial letter «M» in the town name is perfectly made with waving mountain and water image and intensified the main construction of the graphical sign. Dark blue color of the Carpathians according to color-aerial perspective effected the scale of colors of main and derivative colors of the logo. The graphical symbol is simple in associated perception and visually recognized. The logo is adopted to different needs of brand identity and town particularities. The head message of the logotype is visual answer to the statement:” Morshyn makes healthier ”.