Переможці 2018

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A-14 Student Design

Beer Spicy Holiday
A-14-36    Ткаченко Діана

Spicy Holiday it's beer for young people, who are changing their mood depending on the day of week or taste. They are fashionable and moody, they prefer drinking at pubs with their friends and beer it's like an element of their stile. Spicy Holiday has 7 different tastes for every day of week: "Monday Lemon ", "Tuesday Plum ", "Wednesday Orange", "Thursday Blueberry ", "Friday Pepper ", "Saturday Cherry " "Sunday Lime ". For example on Monday you are feeling like squeezed lemon and on Friday you can explode with energy and desire for party, Saturday is more for calm chilling at home with your girlfriend and Tuesday is more for hard-working day. In my illustrations, I tried to show not only fruits, but also their mood and their attitude to life at all. They are real and people can associate themselves with that hot pepper or exhausted lemon.