Переможці 2018

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

My Pie
A-1-55    Yabloko Ideas Studio

Corporate identity and package design for a fast food restaurant of home cooked pies My Pie located in Boryspil International Airport. In a recent poll, commissioned by a well-known pastry brand, 75% of us love nothing better than a pie at least once a month. With eye toward climate concerns and local food security, pie is once again leading the way to a better way to eat. My Pie is committed to sustainability by making friends with local farms and orchards and baking their excess produce into fresh pies daily. We took our inspiration from this wholesome process and delivered a brand identity that brought back the joy of sharing food with friends. Branding & packaging solutions balance functional superiority with emotional reassurance. Unexpected color combinations create both a contemporary look and strong shelf stand-out and conveys the premium contemporary take on the vintage essence of the brand.