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A-4 Packaging design

A-4-29    hooga.design

Dakh is a minimalist felt laptop cases. We designed a system which results in simple packaging and provided all tools for communication and promotion needed. And the stickers. Because you can’t make laptop sleeves and don’t have stickers, right? Main insight was that modern people actually hold vast part of their lives in their laptops. And sleeve is actually a thing which both protects and manifests this life. This is where the name came from — «dakh» is Ukrainian word for a roof. And everybody has to find one’s own. Packaging was both easy and hard. Easy — because it had to be sustainable and recyclable and there is no real variety here. We went for a 4 mm book-binding recycled cardboard and 1-color printing with additional UV-coating. The sleeve then sewed to the board so no plastic clips or zip ties used in packaging.