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Jays : Coffee Brewers
A-2-34    Дар’я Стеценко

Jays : Coffee Brewers is a coffee shop in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Main brand qualities are local roast, arabica only menu, manual brewing, convenient location and fast service. The brand philosophy is a faith in the great power of coffee that unites great people and creates a special moment of coziness by making our world a better place, one cup at a time. The target audience of the brand is active young people with positive thinking. The brand was founded in 2012, and its old logo had the image of a flying bird that symbolizes freedom. Our task was to design a new logo and visual identity system. The primary requirements were the presence of a bird in the logo and black and white palette in combination with the brown color of kraft paper. We created a bird that symbolizes strength and lightness at the same time. Straightened wings tell us about freedom, goodwill, and openness. The typography system consists of a modern monospaced font that creates modest and straightforward brand character. We made the descriptor “coffee brewers” a full-fledged part of the logo and placed it after the colon. This approach brings a visual identity in brand name in any text even without using graphic design tools. The color palette allows the brand unobtrusively fit into the urban space. The logo is manually printed on the packaging using a stamp to emphasize the individual brand approach to details.