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A-14 Student Design

Superheroes school
A-14-54    Рижик Олександра

Superheroes School is a school inside hospitals for children, who are treated there for a long period and don't have a chance to visit regular schools. My task was to create branding for them. After research I realize, that it's a very unique school, not because of children themselfs, but mainly because of school approaches and vision. Children don't get marks there, they communicate with teachers like with friends, they like to hug them and generally among all hospital routines they persive school as very warm and hominess place. That's why I decided to show that up in my identity. I've chosen very cheerful and bright colors, mild forms and besides as material for my identity I chosen felt, because of it's warmness and tactility. The general mood is form by felt illustrations, copyrighting and colors. And some pieces of identity ( such as badges, bookmarks, school timetable) are just made out of felt.