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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Brovdi Foundation. Space for inspiration
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Brovdi Art Fund was founded to support young artists and promote Transcarpathian school of painting. Eventually it expanded significantly, adding cultural and educational programs to the set of ongoing activities. The organization now operates worldwide, with preservation of Transcarpathian art being the core goal. The name was changed to Brovdi Foundation to indicate the extension in areas of expertise. The visual identity reflects the new ideology and growth. It is implied that the word "art" goes between “Brovdi” and “Foundation", but there is also space for “culture”, “innovations” and “education”. Words are meant to set boundaries, while art always aims to go beyond all that has already been experienced. That can also be said about the foundation’s goals. The graphic area, left between ”Brovdi” and “Foundation”, symbolizes future opportunities. Because as long as there’s space left — it can always be filled with inspiration and search for something new.