Переможці 2013

Best of

C-1-2 Оформлення телепрограми (ток-шоу, реаліті-шоу, спортивні програми, дитячі програми і т. д.)

Evening madness (Вечірній гон)
C-1-2-10   TET TV Channel

This program consists of the playing sketches. Sketches are based on true stories from the life of Ukrainian stars, but played by actors. The real hero of the story is present on the program, looking a short film about yourself, commenting on and evaluates it. The name of the program is a game of words with a famous national song 'Those evening Bells'. So 'bells' and 'madness' sound similar in Russian. We decided to put that song on the basis and also we created a plot about angels who were feeling good until a force from above push them to play on stage of the strange devil theater.