Переможці 2013

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D-1 Предметний дизайн

extraction quattro
D-1-40   Виктор Пузур, Михаил Пузур

Water is Life Life is Movement Water’s behavior reveals amazing diversity. Seeing it calm one may feel it’s apathy towards him. When in storm, you feel water being offensive to you. Though, our soul is more comfortable with water showing “wrinkles”. Thus we can hear water talking to us, feel it being ready to listen, reply and advise… It was a fragment of the water surface “in wrinkles” that was taken as a model for the washbasin shape. A stone thrown in the water is a reality verifying your private talk with the latter. In our case it acts as a washbasin plug. Small stone is an accent that connects and makes the conversation between the user and the object unique and unpretended. Such composition means bring the customer to an excellent mood for the day with the washbasin having been used in the morning. The beauty of the form is being built on the basis of harmonious coupling of the simple geometric solids that laconically overflow to each other. Those fascinating tools for achieving harmonious form are economically justified being technologically simply produced. The washbasin shape is a body of rotation. It is made on a turner and refined afterwards. Also, the press-form for the washbasin replicating is therefore easily made. The equal thickness of the washbasin sides brings such benefits with no additional expenses: - the material homogeneousness being preserved at further technological processes of baking, etc.; - the defective products being reduced to minimum or impossible while gaining surface equality; - an equal shrink and precise dimensions of the ready item. The washbasin shape geometry allows a compact stowage (one in one) at packing. This detail spares usable volume and saves funds at product transportation. The splendid variety and unique combinations are created by the washbasin accessories added (taps, pedestals, etc.) This is mounting the washbasin on a top-board or a pedestal, exploiting the taps that differ in their technological configuration. This is possibility to install a tap on the wall above the washbasin, on the top-board – opposite or to the left or right to the washbasin. The range of used coloristic nuances is rich. It is positioned in the segment of white color tints and creates precious tones of the washbasin color. All of these mentioned details allow creating an abundant gamut of original, unique models of the washbasins to satisfy the tastes most exquisite and refined.