Переможці 2013

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D-1 Предметний дизайн

D-1-34   VODA Design

Wall lamp “Pulse” for home use. When a person is experiencing certain emotions, his/her heart pulse, rhythm - changing. When we touch the lamp - we can transfer our emotions to the lamp, or create needed. This is possible for using the touch panel and LED technology. We live in the age of wireless communication, various remote control, with mobile phone people are managing the processes that take place on the other side of our planet. In project we used the opposite way - way interaction - with touch. For turn on the lamp we should to come up and touch the touch pad, which is lamp control panel. We can choose the color of the light or color to transfer our mood - when we want to create a certain atmosphere - calm down, concentrate, or create in the room a romantic mood. And when we have a party - we choose an automatically changing colors. Also we can find a suitable color scene for certain events. In the color mode, we can choose the mode of white lighting - in this case we can choose the corresponding intensity in the room. Everything depends on us and our mood.