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D-1 Предметний дизайн

Tea Doser
D-1-30   Alisa Minkina

One Sixth is a tea doser the base of which is a ball with 6 vanes. So each dose is a 1/6 from the whole volume of the ball. 1/6 is equals to one spoon or 2 grams of a big leaf tea. You can keep different tea in a few jars and just change the doser nozzle. So the process of the tea brewing begin to be clean and simple. Tea brewing is a daily process occurring occasionally automatically. People began to use tea bags because it is quick convenient and practical. You don't want to waste time on interspersing brew from package to teapot, in addition it is not always clear how much it needs to be rattling. So we decided to create a tea doser through which the process of tea brewing will be as quick and neat as using tea bag, but using natural tea leaves. Also, each time the doser measures out equal portions of tea so you will not go wrong with it quantity.