Переможці 2013

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D-1 Предметний дизайн

Pure USB
D-1-1   Нікіта Букорос

Looking for a good USB flash drive we face the fact that it is really hard and almost impossible to find a memory drive with a really "good" adequate design in the market. For some reason this question is surprisingly critical as for such a common and frequently used subject among the varieties of products. In this project I tried to create a prototype of the USB stick which would suit personally me, which would be fit for its purpose and its layout would put emphasis on its function. This form is very simple, like a brick, or if you want like a bar of soap - everyday household object which does not require unique or striking solutions, or even vice versa it requires elaborate simplicity and materials. For me, this project is not so much the development of the design for a particular object, but an attempt to show the problem and the attitude to the design through the example of this item